Our Policies

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24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without at least 24 hours notice, are subject to full charge. Another appointment will not be scheduled until full payment for the missed appointment has been made.

Please understand that your appointment time is YOUR time. It is not available to us unless you release the time by canceling or rescheduling with enough time for us to make use of it.

When purchasing a “Package” for any of the available services, payment for the “Package” is made in full at the time of the first appointment of the series. The “Package” must be used within the time period allotted for that service.

AnyPackages”you buy are transferable, but still must be used within the time allotted for that particular “Package.” There are NO extensions on any of the “Packages,” you may catch up for any missed time with in the time allotted.

Full payment for any check returned NSF, plus bank fees, will be collected before a future appointment is scheduled.

If you are late, the time remaining is yours, not additional time.

Please arrive and leave for your appointment as scheduled. If questions arise, and there is not enough time to talk after our appointment, we can make a specific phone date.

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