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I came to Life In Balance to learn function, strength, and balance after my 2nd knee replacement. After being dismissed by physical therapy I was unwilling to settle for just ‘good enough’ function. I wanted more. And I wanted to learn to use my built in equipment rather than more gym machines. I chose LIB based on previous Yelp reviews. It was the best decision!

I envision working with Libby for a long time as I rebuild muscles that have not been actively used in several decades.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about kinetic energy, movement, function, structure, whole body etc. Aside from being just a delightful and happy person she is compassionate and non-judgmental which is incredibly healing for me.

As I build my strength with Libby’s assistance I continue to release fear and regain self confidence of moving in the world. And bonus…she is a fantastic masseuse who can knock out all aches and pains from strength training. LIB and Libby are the best! I couldn’t be happier.
Carol L.
Petaluma, CA

I have had several massages by Libby. No End To The Pain Relief I experienced.  I do a very physically demanding job and am often sore from head to toe
Libby knows her business. She found soreness in places I did not even realize were sore.

I would highly recommend life in Balance to everyone.
Mike R.
Santa Rosa


I have been seeing Libby on a weekly basis for 6 months for personal training. I have neurological issues that impact my gait, balance and strength. Frankly, I didn’t think that any amount of training could improve my gimpiness. I was wrong. Libby mixes up workouts that have begun to build my core strength, improve my balance, and increase muscle tone. Hey, I even have a nice little bulge developing in my bicep. She does this by blending workouts with traditional strength training, ballet, yoga and Pilates concepts, floor, ballet bar, weights and sometimes just plain getting funky dance moves.  Libby is a teacher. She explains and educates and shares the rationale behind why you are doing what you are doing. The sessions are never routine and most of all, she is positive, upbeat, non-judgemental and there is occasional singing and lots of laughing.

Sometimes, we work a short massage into the program and that is quite a delightful bonus.
For those that don’t like to flop about on a floor mat or sweat in front of others, no need to be self conscious. Her space is very private and extremely well equipped.
Lynn F.
Petaluma, CA

Libby, owner of Life in Balance, is truly amazing. I began seeing her for therapeutic massage therapy and it has been absolutely life-changing. As  a hairstylist, I have chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. Within the first visit I was feeling amazing, and my circulation felt improved.I also have to PRAISE her fitness aspect. Going to the gym felt so systematic, and boring. Libby has mixed a variation of dance, yoga, pilates and strength-training into our personal workouts. At amazing rates, might I add? The discovery of Libby has changed the health of my body and mind. I can’t spread the word enough.
Nancy P.
Petaluma, CA

I have been a client of  Life in Balance, owner, Libby Hanley, for more than a year. I consider Libby as an integral part of my “wellness” team.  She is fabulous and versatile. Her personal training is really targeted to my needs and she is always coming up with something new. She is extremely knowledgeable and very attuned to her clients form, breathing and overall health.

Her little gym is in a cool old historic building in Petaluma with lots of charm. The icing on the cake is that she is also a massage therapist so when you want to soothe your body rather than exercise, she can do that also. Plus, she is just plain fun to work with – lots of laughs as you work out.
Mindi L.
California Lens Lady
Petaluma, CA

I have been a client of Libby’s for massages for a few years. She is always professional and very easy to connect with. Not to mention her massage skills are the best around! I would recomend her to anyone!
Emily G.
Rohnert Park, CA

I have been going to Libby for massage therapy for a few months now, and I am hooked. She is very friendly, thorough and accommodating. My job involves standing for long periods of time which is hard on my body, I’m always SO excited for my appointment, knowing I will leave feeling renewed. I have gotten my family and friends gift certificates with Libby so they can experience her awesome and healing massages! Her prices are super reasonable and she even offers $10 off your first visit.
Jaimee P.
Novato, CA